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The Man Behind the Mic

Some say Dave Collins was born with a microphone in his hand.

A natural when it comes to compering events, Dave is a trained public speaker with years of radio experience, impeccable timing and a professional approach – along with a dash of humour. As the front-man to successful Illawarra company Davertainment, Dave’s wit and wisdom can be heard throughout the club during the popular Wednesday trivia nights. He is a favourite among patrons who enjoy his fun and banter.

Despite a calling to become a master of ceremonies, the humble entertainer said it took years to build the courage to perform in front of crowds.

“It's always been natural for me to do what I do, but I avoided it for many years as it meant stepping into the unknown,” he said. “The first time I was behind a microphone was around 2003 as a trivia host in Sydney. It was a little nerve-racking, but I was good at pretending. It was in 2006 when I was with VOX FM and I just kept playing songs, until one of my friends asked if I was ever going to say something!”

From that moment, the now-confident entertainer has excelled in his profession. He’s also taken on other roles and events, such as weddings, engagements, christenings, birthday parties and corporate events.

“The variety of venues and people I get to meet is what I love about my job,” he said. “There isn’t a trivia show, wedding or MC gig that is ever the same. There have been some amusing moments, such as when I introduced rescue animals to wedding guests at a Taronga Zoo wedding. I also introduced and commentated on Hamish & Andy, who were the surprise guests at a Sheraton Hotel (Sydney) wedding after the bride and groom won a contest to have them perform.”

The talented entertainer regards himself as a Wollongong resident, having moved from Fairfield in 2003. He previously worked as a motor mechanic for 10 years and also held roles as an owner/operator of a mobile canteen business, office furniture installer and a car salesman. He has trained with Toastmasters and has travelled Australia.

“My passion is entertaining. I love performing and I’m thankful The Fraternity has provided me with that opportunity,” he said.

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