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Steve is a star for service at The Fraternity Club

From changing light globes to brightening the lives of thousands of patrons, Steve Murdzevski has come a long way since starting as a young employee.

That was 12 years ago at the height of the club’s receivership. It was a period of hardship and one that ingrained Steve into the heart and soul of the club.

“I’ve always loved a challenge. I was at the right place at the right time,” he said. Despite the difficult introduction and lingering effects of receivership, the keen youngster was given a chance in 2009.

In his first months he had to undertake maintenance, clean the toilets and replace light globes.

He spent his first week working for free, simply to show his skills despite the inevitability of receivership. He just wanted to help and impress.

At the time, Steve, now 36, forfeited a job as a mechanic with his aim to succeed in customer service at The Frat.

“I was previously a full-time mechanic. I left and came to The Frat. They were hard times, but my desire and keenness for a challenge kicked-in,” he said.

“At times I was doing 60 to 70-hour weeks. But this was what I wanted to do. “To be blunt, things were at rock bottom here. Yet here I am today (duty manager). The club is fantastic and has treated me very well.”

Today, Steve approaches his role as duty manager with his head held high. He is an experienced employee who is admired by staff and patrons.

His devotion is towards his wife Jessica, two-year-old son Dimitri, and The Frat. Outside of work hours, his passion is for fishing. “I recently caught a 71cm flathead. That was a big catch!” he said.

Apart from catching his wonderful wife (Jessica) a few years ago, Steve’s second biggest catch has been his impression and dedication towards The Frat.

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