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Good sport Andrew provides quality service

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Having worked in numerous roles over the past 30 years, Andrew Mazzara

regards himself as part of the furniture at The Fraternity Club. Backed by a friendly smile and a strong work ethic, Andrew is a recognisable face at the club and is devoted to his role as a gaming attendant.

His passion for sport is well-known, earning him the nickname Mr Fox Sports News. When I caught up with Andrew for this article, he had recently completed an energy-sapping game of tennis, followed by a 3km jog through Fairy Meadow. And this was before his 9.30am shift had started!

Andrew’s love for work, sports and professional service is what draws many guests to the club. As gaming attendant his job is to manage the flow of cash from patrons, including the gaming machines and Keno. He is the organiser of the club’s popular English Premier League and National Rugby League tipping competitions. He is a walking (or running) encyclopedia on sports. “I call The Fraternity Club my second home. I know everyone’s names, I know the members, I even know their badge numbers,” he said.

“I love talking about sport. People come to me to know the scores and find out

what is happening in sport. This place is a family club and I love being part of it. I’m part of the furniture!” Over the years, Andrew has held various roles including supervisor, duty manager and gaming attendant.

Andrew’s long association with the club also means he has been part of many highs, including the ongoing renovations. “Mick Cuda (CEO), Greg Field (general manager), the board, the management, the staff have all done a wonderful job,” he said.

Andrew fondly remembers being a duty manager when the Wollongong Wolves won the National Soccer League grand final in Perth in 2000. “The phone was ringing hot the next morning between 7am-10am from people wanting to know when the players were returning to the club for celebrations. The club went crazy that day. Wonderful celebrations,” he said.

There was also the devastating floods of August 1998, which ripped through the premises. “We were in water. I thought, ‘That’s it, the club is gone’. I was in tears,” he said. Yet, it’s one moment in the early 1990s that Andrew remembers most fondly. “I was writing out a payout for a poker machine winner. I was shaking. It was for $77,000. It was incredible!’’ he said.

Most of all Andrew is a people person. He met his wife Yvonne at The Frat and has two wonderful children, Joshua and Izabella. He also loves nothing more than assisting others and, of course, informing club patrons on the latest stories in the world of sport.

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