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Fraternity Club wins Perfect Plate competition for second year running

For the second year running the Fraternity Club has taken home the award for the best dish at a medium-sized club in NSW.

Last year, the Fairy Meadow club won with a carbonara tartufata that wowed celebrity chefs Manu Feidel and Colin Fassnidge so much that the kitchen team at the Frat got to cook with the famed restaurateurs.

Executive chef at the Fraternity Club Maurizio Villella said the experience pushed him and his team to back up last year's achievement with another win.

"It definitely motivated all of us to go back into the competition," he said.

This year, the winning dish, as voted by customers, is a ravioli di manzo.

Parcels of pasta from local supplier Fedora Pasta wrap around a beef filling that is topped with a creamy mushroom sauce using fungi from Calderwood Valley Mushrooms.

For Mr Villella, the two wins come after thirty years working in Italian kitchens, both for himself at small restaurants and for clubs and venues.

Over the years, he's seen how diners' tastes have changed, including looking for more vegetarian dishes and having higher expectations of what's on their plate.

All of this, Mr Villella says, can be found in what some diners may overlook, club kitchens and bistros.

"There's certain things that we serve here you can get at any restaurant in Wollongong. There's a lot of dishes that we do here that are no different to a restaurant."

The menu, including the award winning dishes and the regular favourites, are worked on by a team of chefs and served to front of house staff for review, and the team comes together for the wrap-around dining experience.

"It's great team effort here, we're like a family," Mr Villella said.

As to what the team will be serving up to bring home a hat-trick of wins, Mr Villella said it will probably be a pasta, but the rest is a work in progress.

"I've got a few ideas."

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