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Frank is here, there and everywhere at The Frat

The incredible amount of steps Frank Stanizzo takes each day during a shift at The Fraternity would leave most of the world’s elite athletes in awe.

Each day, Frank puts his best foot forward to oversee the smooth running of most areas within the club, from the front desk to the bistros and bars.

His dedication, enthusiasm, versatility and fleet of foot is invaluable. The likeable 41-year-old, with 22 years of Fraternity experience, is often hard to locate as he is forever attending to matters from one corner of the club to the other.

Ironically, Frank’s role is so diverse that he doesn’t actually have a job title! “Yes, that’s something that we haven’t been able to come up with yet,” he said. “My role covers so many different areas of the club. I suppose I help to run things smoothly and be where I’m needed at that time.”

Some areas of the club where Frank can be found performing management duties include the front foyer, entertainment areas, sports bar and club bars, poker machine areas and the eateries of Il Bene and La Trattoria.

Backed by vast experience, Frank continues to excel at The Fraternity since completing a degree in hospitality in 1998. His eyes lit up when he recalled his first role as a waiter in the functions room. “I remember coming into the club on a Sunday and given a trial as a waiter for a wedding that was happening that day. I’ve been here ever since!” he said.

Later, Frank became a bar supervisor, floor manager and functions manager, before finding his feet in his present ‘unnamed’ role two years ago. “The Fraternity Club is truly a family club. That’s why people come here to meet, enjoy family-time and eat in numbers,” he said.

“The club is there for its staff and makes sure our members and guests are happy too. We also support a lot of groups and organisations.”

Frank is a big football fan and follows both Liverpool and AC Milan. He also plays for the Port Kembla Pumas over 35s team. Outside of work hours, Frank enjoys attending movies and visiting restaurants with his fiancée Laura. The couple plan to take a trip to Italy in 2021.

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