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David shows leadership through his cooking

Cooking a meal for two prominent Australian prime ministers has been the icing on the cake for David Ricci, now in his 33rd year as a chef at The Fraternity Club.

With a pan in one hand and a fistful of creations in the other, David continues to tantalise the tastebuds of delighted diners, including the occasional famous face.

David, himself a ‘famous face’ at The Fraternity, is the club’s executive chef and often sticks his head out of the kitchen to see the delight on the faces of diners, whether they’re enjoying a beef, chicken, pasta or salad dish.

However, his biggest claim to fame has been cooking for former prime ministers John Howard and Paul Keating, who visited the club during their leadership terms in the 1990s and 2000s.

“It was an amazing experience. The nerves were there, but I’m a confident chef,’’ David said.

“You know, I cannot remember what I cooked for them. That was a few years ago now! “I do recall being honoured to cook for an Australian prime minister, that’s for sure.

“I distinctly remember John Howard making the effort to come into the kitchen and thanking the staff for a wonderful meal. That meant a lot to the staff and myself. He was great to talk to and was thankful.”

Away from the kitchen, David is a car enthusiast with a passion for ‘muscle cars’. He is also a devoted father to son Cruz and a loving husband to Nirvana, who is a support during some long working shifts.

And what is David’s most enjoyable event at The Fraternity each year? “It would have to be the Greenacres Make a Wish event. To see those smiling faces and lots of ‘high fives’, it makes me smile too,” he said.

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