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Appointment of Domenic Saffioti to the Club Board of Directors

The Fraternity Club Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Domenic Saffioti to the Club Board of Directors.

Pictured: (Left to right) Mick Cuda, Domenic Saffioti and Emilio Salucci

A Wollongong local with extensive Corporate and Governance experience Domenic joins an impressive team of Directors.

A Senior Professional Engineer and Project Manager with Boral Australia who was appointed as a Fellows of the Institute of Engineers in 2018.

It carries with it a recognition of eminence within the engineering profession .Domenic manages a capital spend of $40M - $60M/ annum and is a member of their Executive team delivering on many aspects of the core Business such as Budgets, safety etc.

Domenics' current role encompasses leadership of the Asset Care function throughout Boral Australia.

He fills the Board vacancy left by former Director Prof. Alex Frino who has had to vacate the position due to elevated work commitments

Mick Cuda the Clubs' President stated that the Board as part of their succession are planning some significant upgrades. "We were looking for someone specifically within the membership that could assist with these projects and Domenic was the ideal candidate given his vast Engineering experience."

"Our Club is very fortunate that Domenic has accepted a position on the Board, being a local resident who is well connected within the community, he brings a strong focus on engagement and delivering outcomes for members ,patrons and key stakeholders."

"We are all delighted to have Domenic join our exceptional team of club directors"

As a long term member of the Fraternity, Domenic has been involved in various community volunteering including coaching, managing and leadership roles within Football and is also a keen cycler and fisherman.

"As the son of Italian immigrants with strong family values the appointment is a great opportunity to give back to the Club that has provided much joy to his family and all the Italian and Australian community" Domenic said.

Domenic added, "I am a Australian with a strong Italian heritage and I believe that this provides me with the knowledge and the perspective to contribute to the Club in a balanced and positive way".

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