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Alana serves up smiles and success at Il Bene

Alana van Duin’s big smile and bubbly personality is a constant fixture at the Il Bene Pizza & Gelato Bar.

In her own words, she has added her “unique” style to the gelatos and “love” to the coffees that are made from her creative hands.

Alana is regarded as an outstanding barista, adding a personal touch to the serving of gelato and coffee. “I like to add a bit of pizzazz to the gelatos, a few swirls here and some bumps there,” she laughed.“The coffees also come with some designs on top, maybe a leaf or a love heart.”

At 24, Alana is employed on a casual basis and it’s easy to see that she enjoys her job.

“We’re always having fun behind the counter and I feel our customers see that and also enjoy the wonderful friendship and camaraderie at The Frat,” she said.

“I love our customers, to hear their stories and hear their laughter. It’s very rewarding.”

Alana was introduced to The Frat by her mother, Kristy, who spent two years at the club calling the bingo numbers to eager patrons.

Kristy has since moved on to a career in nursing, assured that her daughter continues to fly the flag at The Frat.

However, Alana isn’t alone, as younger sister Lili, 19, is also an employee and contributes towards the club’s success. Alana keeps busy outside of work achieving a Bachelor in Criminal Justice, and is also pursuing a Diploma in Community Services.

Her approach to life - enjoyable employment and pursuing her studies - continues to be a winning combination.

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