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Adam serves-up sizzling success at The Frat

Chef Adam Sartor has been sizzling steaks and perfecting pastas at the Fraternity Club for almost two decades.

His attention to detail in serving fine food is testament to his professionalism. Working alongside head chef Mauri Villella, the dynamic duo is the reason why hundreds of hungry patrons pour into The Frat’s bistro each week.

Combined with quality service and the friendliness of bistro staff, Adam is part of a winning team that continues to tantalise the tastebuds of members and guests.

“I’ve been employed by the club for 19 years. I started at the club when I was 16, straight out of school. I went straight into an apprenticeship and now I’m a qualified chef and work in the bistro,” he said.

“I have spent over half my life working for the club. I have worked through the administration and receivership period and watched how the club has thrived once we got over the last few years.”

Adam’s philosophy behind dishing up tantalising treats is impressive. “I always try to put the customer first; without them we wouldn’t have a job,” he said.

“I still serve customers who have been coming since I was an apprentice. It’s good to see how many loyal customers we have that come to the bistro every week.

“I enjoy coming to work. We have a great team in the bistro, and I enjoy the staff I work with. I have become good friends with quite a few. “A lot have watched me grow up at the club since I was an apprentice.”

When asked about his favourite dishes and dining experiences, he replied: “I’m not fussy. I like all foods. When I’m home, my wife (Ebony) does the cooking!”

Ebony, who also works at The Frat, is considered a ‘gastronomic genius’ to cook for an experienced chef. The couple have two children – Levi, 2, and Amalia,10 weeks.

From pasta to seafood and poultry to salads, Adam is equipped to entertain and delight through his expert knowledge.

Alongside a passion for cooking, Adam is a big sports fan and recalled one particularly memorable moment.

“I’ll never forget when Italy played Australia in the 2006 World Cup. The club was that packed, you couldn’t even move,” he said.

Whether it’s watching sport or cooking a scrumptious meal, Adam always serves a winning combination at the Frat.

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