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Aaron’s versatility shines at The Fraternity Club

If you’ve been greeted at the front desk with a warm smile, served a creative coffee at the bar or attended a lucky raffle with humour and entertainment, there’s every chance that you’ve crossed paths with the versatile Aaron Cram.

At 27 and possessing experience beyond his age, Aaron is a favourite among staff, members and guests for his nature and enthusiasm.

Let’s just allow Aaron to tell his story.

“Lacking a fear of public speaking has certainly helped me fill a role running raffles, badge draws and promotions on the microphone. Mum always said I had a face for radio!” he joked.

“Perhaps that and versatility. Customers are often bewildered seeing me jump around from reception desk, to coffee machine, to change box, sometimes all in one shift, so I’ve been very lucky to get that kind of variety at work.”

A jack-of-all-trades, Aaron has experienced some fond times on his shifts.

“Probably the biggest standout was returning from a big overseas holiday and diving straight into massive work weeks during the 2016 Euro (European football tournament),” he said.

“A few of us were pulling 13-hour overnight shifts, and the sleep deprivation must have got to us because none of us cottoned on to the fact that trying to cook 50 bacon and egg rolls on a small sandwich press was probably a dumb idea!”

Blessed with an abundance of humour and wit – which is admired by guests and staff – Aaron appreciates the friendship shown within The Frat.

“I’ve been really blessed to meet so many awesome people over the years, both colleagues and customers,” he said.

“Clubs should be for the community and although it has changed heaps since I’ve started, I still think The Frat upholds that community vibe better than anywhere."

“Work here for any decent length of time and you can’t help but feel part of The Frat family.”

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