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In early 1952 a handful of Italian migrants who had come to make a new life in Wollongong decided to form a social club: a place where members could relax, enjoy each other's company and benefit from their pooled resources.

The club was officially opened on the 29th August, 1953 with a gala ceremony, under the name of The South Coast Social & Fraternity Club.

The opening of the club was the forerunner of many days and nights where the members could indulge their passion for good food, dancing, and conversation with family and friends. The club was also a central meeting place where opportunities for work were discussed and assistance for new arrivals was provided.

The first year of operation resulted in a profit of 2500 pounds, which was an outstanding result and the tradition of “Fraternity” within the club was born.

Over the years, new additions, extensions and acquisitions have allowed The Fraternity Club to grow and thrive. 


Today The Fraternity Club has established itself as one of the premier clubs in the Illawarra.

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