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The Face of the Frat

At 88 years of age, Iris Soldi is quick as a flash when it comes to organising sporting events for The Fraternity Club.

As the club’s much-loved sports president, Iris juggles her days between running many and varied events with winning results.

Whether it is carpet bowls, bocce, cards or snooker, Iris is at the club most days - presenting, organising and achieving with the finesse of a World Cup footballer and the speed of an Olympic sprinter. And if that doesn’t leave you out of breath, then consider this: she also runs the club’s weekly sports raffle with all money raised going towards the running of sporting activities at The Frat.

Her passion, humour and youthful approach is evident when speaking with the spritely pensioner.

“I’ve been the sports president for about 20 years, so I’ve got it down to a fine art,” she said. “It’s a part of me. My grandchildren have to make an appointment to see me nowadays!”

Despite her age, Iris is full of life. She is known to organise every sporting event to the beat of a 100 metre sprint, rather than a marathon. In fact, if the art of organising and administrating was an Olympic sport, Iris would win the gold medal. For almost nine decades she has devoted herself to sports, whether it be on a bowling green or working behind the scenes as an administrator. As a teenager the self-described sports lover worked for a small goods company helping to make ice-blocks, before moving into the clothing industry. It was between these working hours where she’d run, hop and skip to her favourite sports and also organise events.

Her energetic approach has assisted many organisations at local, state and national level. On the local front, she breathes new life into the running of sporting events at The Frat.

“Wherever I go I seem to find myself on a committee. I just love life!” she said.

Throughout an illustrious sporting career, Iris competed in basketball, bocce, lawn bowls, tennis and vigoro. But it’s her passion for carpet bowls that keeps her rolling on. She is a multiple NSW and Australian champion and was awarded life membership of the NSW Indoor Bowls Association in September this year.

Iris Soldi - Fraternity Club Sports President

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