Mick’s musical memories of The Frat

It was the musical era of the 1980s when prominent jazz musician Mick Berghuis and his band pumped out the self-created song ‘At The Frat, That’s Where It’s At!’.

Backed by two prominent band members – 80s radio personality Peter McMurray and big-band singer Margaret Davidson – the jazzy jingle was an instant hit.

The catchy advertisement was endearing to the public, receiving airtime on radio and TV as a means to attracting people to the club. And it worked!

Fast forward to 2020 and Mick, now 80, is still in tune with music. He recalled fond memories of a strong bond with The Fraternity Club, and the popular jingle.

“I played in a band called the ‘Hi Lites’ in the 60s and 70s. We played at Woonona Bulli RSL every Saturday night. We also played at The Fraternity every Thursday,” he said.

“We played at The Frat on many occasions and our songs were always a hit. I appreciated the response we received from management and members.

“Then, in the 80s, a local radio personality (Peter McMurray) joined local big-band singer Margaret Davidson and myself to do a jingle for the club.

“The main lyrics were ‘At The Frat That’s Where It’s At’, done with a jazz backing from memory.”

Dressed to impress, Mick and his band would often dress in attire created by prominent Italian designer John Serafino, who was based in Sydney. Instantly, they were suited for success.