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Fun and fanfare at Foundation Members luncheon

Fraternity Club president Mick Cuda provided a heartfelt message of thanks and gratitude at this year’s Foundation Members’ Christmas gathering, held on Sunday (December 13).

“This is a time that we all come together to celebrate our club, to celebrate our existence through our Foundation members. It’s been through hope, strength and the Italian spirit that we survive today,” he said.

The annual event is popular among Foundation members as family and friends gather to reminisce and share stories of their upbringing and memories of the club from its proud existence, dating back to 1953.

It was also mentioned that the club will celebrate its 70th year in 2023. Former club director Gabe Bresolin paid tribute to those at the special event.

“Without you The Frat wouldn’t be here today. We need you and our members. That’s our future,” he said.

Vice-president Connie Sacco thanked the Foundation members, mingling among the guests and hearing of stories of yesteryear.

“It’s truly enriching to learn so much about the history of our wonderful club,” she said. Guests also enjoyed a three-course meal, prepared by the professional catering staff.

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