Watch all games LIVE & LOUD

We’ve had to wait an extra year, but the Euros 2020 is finally here!

From 11th June - 12th July 2021 we’re open 24 hours and to show all 49 Euro games live on our big screens.

Show your support for your country by coming down and cheering them on right here at the home of football in the Illawarra. 

Group Stage


Saturday, June 12

5am Turkey vs Italy

11pm Wales vs Switzerland


Sunday, June 13

2am Denmark vs Finland

5am Belgium vs Russia

11pm England vs Croatia

Monday, June 14

2am Austria vs North Macedonia

5am Netherlands vs Ukraine

11pm Scotland vs Czechia


Tuesday, June 15

2am Poland vs Slovakia

5am Spain vs Sweden


Wednesday, June 16

2am Hungary vs Portugal

5am France vs Germany

11pm Finland vs Russia


Thursday, June 17

2am Turkey vs Wales

5am Italy vs Switzerland

11pm Ukraine vs North Macedonia


Friday, June 18

2am Denmark vs Belgium

5am Netherlands vs Austria

11pm Sweden vs Slovakia


Saturday, June 19

2am Croatia vs Czech Republic

5am England vs Scotland

11pm Hungary vs France


Sunday, June 20

2am Portugal vs Germany

5am Spain vs Poland


Monday, June 21

2am Italy vs Wales

2am Switzerland vs Turkey


Tuesday, June 22

2am Ukraine vs Austria

2am North Macedonia vs Netherlands

5am Finland vs Belgium

5am Russia vs Denmark


Wednesday, June 23

5am Czechia vs England

5am Croatia vs Scotland


Thursday, June 24

2am Sweden vs Poland

2am Slovakia vs Spain

5am Germany vs Hungary

5am Portugal vs France


Round of 16

Sunday, June 27

2am 2nd Group A vs 2nd Group B

5am 1st in Group A vs 2nd in Group C

Monday, June 28

2am 1st in Group C vs 3rd in Group D, E or F

5am 1st in Group B vs 3rd in Group A, D, E or F


Tuesday, June 29

2am 2nd in Group D vs 2nd in Group E

5am 1st in Group F vs 3rd in Group A, B or C


Wednesday, June 30

2am 1st in Group D vs 2nd in Group F

5am 1st in Group E vs 3rd in Group A, B, C or D




Saturday, July 3

2am Winner R16-6 vs Winner R16-5

5am Winner R16-4 vs Winner R16-2


Sunday, July 4

2am Winner 16-3 vs Winner R16-1

5am Winner R16-8 vs Winner R16-7




Wednesday, July 7

5am Winner QF2 vs Winner QF1


Thursday, July 8

5am Winner QF4 vs Winner QF3




Monday, July 12

5am Winner SF1 vs Winner SF 2